A moderately good home chef reviews home delivery meal boxes 

Since home meal delivery boxes are all the range, I thought I would try a few. I am going to review the recipes and let you know how they turn out. I am paying for these myself m, so hopefully this is an honest review. This week we will review Home Fresh

1. The box arrived promptly and the food was cold when I got home

2. Everything listed was in the box. Tip: they pack the meat under the ice. I almost threw it out. Be sure to look for it.

Today’s recipe doesn’t have many pictures. Next time I will make more.

Recipe: Hearty Steak and Potatoes with Balsamic-Cranberry Glaze

(Their picture)

Level: 1 of 3
My Level: 2, this needed some serious time management and cooking know how

Prep time listed: 10 minutes

Actual prep time: There was prep throughout, just dive in and go.

Cooking Time Listed: 40 minutes

Actual Cooking Time: 45 minutes, including taking pictures

The instructions review:

All ingredients were present in the quantities listed. The recipe said I would need a baking sheet, 2 medium pans, paper towels, olive oil, oil (geez), and sugar

Things I needed not listed: A knife, measuring spoons, frying pan, jar opener, spoon to stir, salt, and pepper.

Step 1: Prep heat and prep. I assume this is the 10 minutes of prep. It’s not. It takes 30 seconds to turn on the oven and make sure you haven’t left a gingerbread house from Christmas in it. Chopping one onion and 6 small potatoes took me 2 minutes. Your mileage may vary.

Step 2: Roast Potatoes. This is easy. Toss those potatoes you just just onto the baking sheet with the oil you provided, the rosemary, and the SALT AND PEPPER NEVER BEFORE MENTIONED. Had to go root around in the pantry. So annoyed. 

(Roasted potatoes after picture. Yes, that’s a roasting pan. No judgement.)

Step 3: Cook cabbage: And the onion. This step was pretty easy, just saute the veggies, add the seasonings, cover and simmer.

Step 4: Sear steak. Oh, look! We need freaking SALT AND PEPPER again. What fresh hell is this? Also, I needed a frying pan. The small pot I had pulled out at the beginning wasn’t going to work. Cook to desired doneness 4 – 7 minutes. Alright, look. My timer is already doing double duty. I set it for 35 minutes for the potatoes. Then, I had to look at the timer to determine when in timer land the cabbage would be done simmering. Now, I need to time the steaks, too? This is advanced math. Uggg. Remove and set aside steaks.

Step 5: Make Pan Sauce. DANGER AHEAD! I added the ingredients listed, in the order provided, at medium heat. In less time than it took me to pick up my spoon, this is what I had:

(Ummm… eeeewww)

We did not eat this, but in the interest of the review I tasted it. It tasted like burnt ash.

Step 6: Finish and Serve

Two Hearty Portions on my Calamity Ware Plates

So, no glaze, but the meat was fine without it. The meat was also cold. The meat was ready a full 10 minutes before the potatoes were done.

Final Judgement:

Taste: 4 out of 5 stars, since I have no idea how that glaze was supposed to taste, but the rest was fine.

Ease of preparation: Except for th glaze I killed, it was fine.

Timing: It took 45 minutes start to finish, just 5 minutes over the listed time, but I needed 3 timers. Nope.

Final thoughts: This might be too ambitious for a novice chef. Even though this is rated a Level 1, that glaze was tricky and not for beginners. Maybe skip the glaze. Who wants to open this jar anyway? 

(So small!!)