Hello Fresh Meal #2 Rapid Maple-Balsamic Chicken

Alright cooking people, the first meal is behind us and it’s time to cook Rapid Maple-Balsamic Chicken.

Here’s what Hello Fresh says my meal should look like when I am done:


What Hello Fresh Says I will make

Hello Fresh Level: 1

My Level: 1 -This was pretty easy to make and the directions were good.

Hello Fresh Prep Time: 5 minutes

My Prep Time: Yeah, ok, 5 minutes was about right, but I wonder who really does all the prep work at the beginning. Some prep sneaks in the middle.

Hello Fresh Cooking Time: 20 minutes

My Cooking Time: Pretty much spot on. There is still multitasking to get it done in 20 minutes, but it’s not overwhelming.


Everything in the Hello Fresh Kit

Goodie! They sent us everything on the recipe list. What else does Hello Fresh say we need?


That’s it? Are you sure?

Of course, not! You also need:


How hard is it to say, “Grab some salt and pepper?”

You might also want a knife to cut the sweet potatoes, but I just used the fork. Completest will point out that you also need pot holders. Picky, picky.

Step 1: Preheat Oven and Roast Broccoli

How long does it take for your oven to heat up? Mine takes forever, so I do this first before I even gather ingredients. The broccoli is pre-cut in the bag, so just wash and dry the broccoli. Bam! Done. I think Step 1 and 2 are the 5 minute “Prep” and that’s about how long it took me to open the broccoli and toss it with the pesky salt and pepper and a “drizzle” of oil. Is that an exact measurement? I’m sure I used too much.

Step 2: Microwave Sweet Potatoes

Here’s whatcha gotta do:


Stab those potatoes with the fork!

Then just toss them in the microwave and ignore. Hello Fresh doesn’t assume you have a microwave (how thoughtful), so instructions for cooking the potatoes in the oven are included. Microwaving takes 10 minutes, the oven takes 30 minutes. You decide how long you want to think about potatoes.

Step 3: Sear Chicken

Meanwhile, bake at the stove top, it’s time to cook the chicken. Good Grief! Salt and pepper again. Look is you have to use the good ole S&P in more than one step, put it in the list of things you gotta have!  Ugg.


Salt and Pepper on Chicken! Rocket Science!

The instructions say to cook the chicken on medium-high heat for 5 minutes a side. My chicken cooked pretty quickly, so I flipped it at 4 minutes. If the edges are starting to cook, it is safe to flip the chicken. Pay no attention to the charring smell, unless you see smoke. That’s what the chicken is supposed to do. When the chicken is cooked, toss it on that plate they told you to get.

Step 4: Make Glaze

After the disastrous glaze from last time, I made some modifications to Hello Fresh’es instructions. Once again they want the balsamic vinegar to go in first to simmer and thicken for one minute. This is a mistake, it will just burn to a char and you will have sad naked chicken, instead of glitzy, glazed chicken. Put in the 1/2 tablespoon of butter first. Then, add the balsamic vinegar and the maple syrup at the same time. Your kitchen will be filled with a fabulous steam cloud of sugary goodness. Immediately, grab that spoon and mix, mix, mix for one minute. Moving rapidly, grab the cooked chicken, throw it in the pan and toss it with the glaze. Then hurry up and put it back on the plate. 2 fast moving minutes and we are done! Did the potatoes finish while you were doing that? IGNORE THE TIMER! The glaze demands all of your attention. If you did it right, your chicken should look like this.


Mmmmmm, glazed chicken. Smells, so good.

Step 5: Split Sweet Potatoes

Yes, this is a whole step. What can I say? Cut the sweet potatoes in half. Hello Fresh says these tiny sweet potatoes need a 1/2 tablespoon of butter, per half. This is an unethical amount of butter. Embrace the sin. They will taste so good. Sprinkle Hello Fresh’es sweet and smokey spice blend in to taste. I wanted to taste it all. I mashed that sinful butter and the whole packet into my sweet potatoes.

Step 5: Serve

Put everything on your serving plate. Point of order! You never told me to take out the broccoli. What happened to it? It’s still in the oven. Grab those pot holders and get it out. Hello Fresh says to roast the broccoli for 15 minutes, but after about 10 the smaller pieces were charred, so I took them out.


Charred Broccoli! 

Time to put everything on my favorite Calamity Ware Plates!

Here’s what I ended up with:


Two hearty portions, again!


Do those potatoes look anything like the Hello Fresh picture? Nope!

Final Judgement:

Taste: With all the oil and butter this meal called for, it couldn’t help tasting amazing. Hello Fresh claims this plate is only 567 calories, however, it sure tasted like a whole lot more.

Ease of Preparation: Another tricky glaze. Not for the faint or heart.

Final Thoughts: Even though this recipe was rated the same level as the Steak and Potatoes, I found it to be much easier. Glazes are tricky though. Maybe they should substitute a sauce, instead.

Thanks to everyone who read my last blog! Next time, Hello Fresh Meal #3 Thai Pork Stir-Fry, not featuring a glaze! Hurrah!


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